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Coronavirus more infectious when symptoms are at the peak

The coronavirus is a lot more infectious when the patients are at their peak of illness as per the health officials in United States and the CDC which is a body that controls illness and its prevention on Friday.

The experts say on the basis of what is already known that they believe that this virus is something that spreads mainly from one person to another among the close contacts and has been defined as close to six feet through the droplets which are respiratory which are produced at the time a person who is infected sneezes and coughs. The experts have said this on Friday while there was a news briefing. A lot of the people have been thought to be the most contagious when the symptoms are highest and that is when they’re very sick.

Spread might also happen by touching a surface which is contaminated and then touching a body part like mouth, nose or eyes. The experts say that the virus though doesn’t last for very long on the surfaces. The spread might also happen before the symptoms are visible in people. There are a lot of reports of this happening in the new coronavirus and it’s compatible with what are commonly known as the respiratory viruses including the seasonal flu.

They have also noted that CDC has come up with a new strategy which has been aimed at the stemming of any spread potentially of a coronavirus within United States. CDC has started working with as many as five labs of public health all across the United States for tapping the ability for conducting a community surveillance of influenza so that they can start testing the people who have flu to test for the coronavirus.

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