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Ford Uses McDonald’s Chaff to Introduce a Greener Vehicle

Yet another try into “going green” has made Ford unite with McDonald’s.

The chaff from McDonald’s can be converted into car parts, says Ford. The dry coffee bean skins that are usually discarded at McDonald’s after the roasting process is completed can be reused again.

Competitive Green Technologies has been most innovative in bringing in this transformation of the chaff. It has partnered with Ford to introduce this recycled product. The car parts made from the chaff are lighter and stronger.

The chaff is made stronger as it is mixed with polypropylene. When mixed at a high temperature, the end product remains strong when compared to the talc-based polymer.  It is much lighter too as the weight of the parts comes down by almost 20 percent.

Debbie Mielewski, the senior material researcher at Ford says that with millions of pounds of chaff thrown away, it is best to recycle this waste product into something useful.

Making the headlight housings for the Lincoln Continental sedan is the first production application of these chaffs. Soon other parts like engine covers, battery trays, and under-hood components will be made from the waste chaff, says Mielewski.

The plastic used in making various car products is cluttering the environment. As a solution, Ford has come up with the brilliant idea of turning coffee chaff into body parts for its vehicles. Ford has been very enthusiastic about using sustainable material in its cars.

In 2011, Ford had used soy-based foam to make its cushions. Other sustainable products are made from wastes from coconut, wheat, and tomato, which are then turned into body parts for the auto company.

Ford has ventured with McDonald’s, another like-minded company that prefers to recycle products for a sustainable environment.

Mc Donald’s Senior Director of Global Sustainability Ian Olson says that all these trials are just scratching the surface. Everything is possible with a little effort, says Olson.

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