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Adobe comes up with Photoshop for iPad. Features not at par with desktop version.

The Photoshop has been released by Adobe for iPad after it was announced that it is going to bring the professional software for photo-editing to the tablets from Apple officially in the month of October last year. Adobe has said that it is going to launch this app in the year 2019 and that has been kept as the release is on schedule.

Photoshop for the Apple iPad is free for download and also includes a trial of 30 days which is free after which an amount of $9.99/ month will have to be paid for the use of the app which is included as a part of the subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud.

The company has said though that this initial version of the photo editing app for iPad is not at par with the desktop version of the software. However it does support the Apple Pencil when it comes to the more recent models of iPad and it also allows the edit of PSD files. Adobe is saying that it has focused on those features which are going to be benefitted from Apple and touch as well as the input of Apple Pencil in the first release which includes the retouching tools and core compositing along with more improvements like added support of masks and brushes along with things such as smart selection which will be coming later.

The features which can be very useful for the refinement of edits on the move are available as of now like clone stamp and spot healing. The PSDs which can be stored in the Creative Cloud are going to be available for editing from the point where they were left.

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