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Africa’s richest woman suspect in mismanagement case

The richest woman in Africa who is reputed has been made a suspect formally in the investigation to mismanagement and for siphoning off the funds in her time with the state-run oil company of Angola, the attorney general of the country had announced on Wednesday.

The remarks have come to the news reporters in Luanda, only a few days post the global investigation accused Isabel dos Santos, the billionaire of the murky dealings in the diamond and oil rich region of the country. The people have remained among the poorest on the face of the world.

The announcement on Wednesday is the recent sign that the government of Angola under the president Joao Lourenco has been determined for pursuing accountability after the organizations related to journalists have accused dos Santos of using deals which are unscrupulous for building their future estimating $2 billion.

Dos Santos is the daughter of the former president of Angola has made a denial of any of the wrongdoing.

The authorities of Angola in the week have said that they are going to reach out to the other countries to help them tackling corruption which as per the critics has robbed a lot of the citizens of the basic needs such as quality health care.

The businesses are cutting their ties. EuroBic which is a bank from Portugal in the week said it is going to stop the business with the companies and the people who are linked to the billionaire who is the main shareholder.

In a statement, the bank has said that dos Santos had made a decision of selling the stake in the institution. The statement came in on Wednesday.

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