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Amazon to double hourly wages for the associates

Amazon has said that it is doubling its wages hourly for the associates working in overtime on the warehouses of the United States as the demand is growing continuously because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. The hourly associates have been working in United States in the network which is going to receive double of their regular hourly rate for overtime every hour worked in one work week. Amazon has said this in his statement. There has been a temporary increase in the overtime pay which is effective from the 15th of March in 2020 and it is going to continue till the 9th of May 2020. The hourly workers of amazon will be qualifying for the receiving of double pay post the 40 hours.

This is an announcement which is following a similar announcement which had been made on Monday when the online retail giant had hiked their rate hourly for the associates from the amount of $15 to the level of $17 which is going to be remaining effective till the end of the month of April.

The e-commerce giant has additionally said that it has plans of hiring 100,000 workers for delivery and warehouse in the United States in the midst of a surge in the online orders for the coronavirus outbreak

Amazon had encouraged people whose jobs had been lost due to the massive shutting down of the stores and restaurants because of the outbreak to apply. They have said on Monday in a statement that they want the teams to be feeling welcomed when the things are normal. This is a welcome message which has been sent by Amazon to its employees


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