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American Cancer Society refutes Donald Trump’s claim

On Thursday, the ACS (American Cancer Society) has refuted one tweet from the President, Donald Trump. The tweet had insinuated that the administration had it was his contribution which had been contributing to the record drop in the history of United States.

This tweet seems to have a reference to the report which came in recently and also revealed that the death rate due to cancer had fallen in the United States from the year 1991 till 2017. Particularly from the year 2016 till the year 2017, the death rate has seen a drop of 2.2 % which is a feat that the exerts feel has been achieved due to there being better abilities when it comes to diagnosis, better technology in terms of radiotherapy and surgical abilities.

In a statement today, Gary Reedy who is the CEO of American Cancer Society had pushed back against the Tweet saying that these findings had not been influenced in anyway by the administration of Donald Trump.

He said that after Trump taking office, the president has signed a lot of bills which have increased the funding of the cancer research centers and institutes however the impact of those increases and initiatives has not been contained in this particular report. The future declines may be impacted significantly by work done by this administration in both the incidents of cancer and the mortality as there is going to be more access to the comprehensive health care ad a sustained increase in funding for research and also the implementation of the tobacco ban through a lot of the procedural changes which have been initiated but this particular data does not have much to do with it.

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