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Americans are agreeing on the fact that income inequality is widespread

A lot of the Americans have come to an agreement that there is an inequality in the distribution of incomes and the opportunities which the markets of United States and they feel that it has become too much.

The inequalities of economy in the United States has seen an exponential increase since the beginning of the 1980s as per a research which has been conducted on this issue. In the year 1980, the households which had ranked in the top 10% of the earners had close to 9 times the income of those who were in the bottom 10% of earners. In the year 2018 though this difference between the top 10% earners and the bottom 10% earners has increased exponentially and gone up to 12.6 times. This as per the research is a 39% increase in the inequalities.

The changes in demography have been a rallying cry for many of the politicians who are seeking the nomination for Democratic presidential candidature so there is no surprise that there are more democrats who view this as a significant issue than the Republicans.

Close to 78% of the ones who are identifying as the Democrats have said that there is too much inequalities in income while there were 41% of Republicans who also agree with this fact.

The Americans who are younger are a lot likelier to agree with this as 71% of the ones who are between the age of 18-29 have said that there is a lot of inequality in income today in the United States in comparison to 52% for the ones who were over 65. What is worth noting is that the millennials are a lot likelier to identify themselves with the Democrats.

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