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Apple pledges $2.5 billion for housing crisis in California.

Today, Apple has pledged an amount of $2.5 billion for the combating of the housing crisis in the state of California which is also its home state. This is the biggest commitment given by any of the major five tech companies in the industry all of which have been pledging various different amounts of money for helping build a lot more housing which is affordable near the cities where they operate. The only big tech company in the United States which has not pledged yet is Amazon however Amazon has donated an amount of $8 million in the summer to the non-profit activity of providing houses for those who are homeless.

Cupertino which is outside of San Jose is where Apple is based and the place is less than a one hour drive from San Francisco. It has over 130,000 employees most of whom command a big salary package and have contributed directly or indirectly to the shortage of affordable housing in the Northern part of California. In the previous month, Facebook had pledged an amount of $1 billion for the issue and Google had also pledged the same amount in the month of June.

Microsoft which has its base outside Seattle had said in the month of January that it is going to spend an amount of $500 million for helping similar issues of housing in the greater metropolitan area of the city.

Seattle too has been suffering from the issues of overcrowding similar to that of California. The lack of affordable housing there has happened also due to the years of labour which has been paid high and the lack of housing options which are distributed equally.


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