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Carlos Ghosn holds news conference from Beirut breaking his silence

Carlos Ghosn who is the ex-chairman of Nissan was able to fled his country Japan last week and reach Lebanon. He made his public appearance after a silence which he had maintained for many months. He held a news conference which the world had seen from Beirut. Ghosn sounded defiant in his tone as he had escaped to Lebanon where he is also a citizen.

The man who is 65 years of age said that there was not a chance that he was going to be getting a fair trial in Japan. There were no chances he said of him being able to live a normal life for the four or five years in future. He said that it was not going to arrive at a conclusion that he was going to be facing death in Japan or sneak out if he wanted to survive.

The former executive was instrumental in the revolution of Nissan where he revived the brand by creating an alliance with other brands all across the world.

Nissan though had ousted him in the month of November in the year 2018 as there were allegations against him of committing financial impropriety.  One month after this, the authorities in Japan had formally taken Ghosn in their custody on the charges of underreporting of income and those charges had then ballooned to the misappropriation of the funds of Nissan and a breaching of trust.

He had spent a lot of time in jail and then got bail in the month of March in 2019. He managed to escape stealthily despite close surveillance at the end of the last month to Lebanon where he had spent a large portion of his childhood.

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