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E-Tron Becomes The First Electric Car To Bag The Safety Award By IIHS

Audi’s first all-electric automobile vehicle has not only been a huge success among the car lovers and customers but has also been given a certification as top safety vehicle, issued by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The model known as E-Tron SUV is the first battery-driven electric car to earn that honor, thereby defeating out other brands that did not fulfill the eligibility of the certification, like Tesla’s Model S or the Chevy Bolt. The manufacturing corporation has also released a handful of videos of the E-Tron being experimented at its test facility.

The E-Tron has also obtained “good” scores and reviews across the board in the “crashworthiness” section of IIHS, which is the highest prestigious certification offered by the safety organization. Also the E-Tron’s “Pre Sense Front” automatic emergency braking system has shown a very efficient performance, as the Audi model skillfully dodged an accident in the 25 miles per hour test, as stated by IIHS (As per reports, The E-Tron had smoothly decelerated to 1 mile per hour speed before the occurrence of the collision in the 12 miles per hour test).

Although the Model E-Tron hasn’t gone through the complete evaluation by the IIHS yet, the quality certifying organization has recently announced that it’s currently in the process of testing the vehicle through all its crucial aspects. A good rating from the IIHS has been proven to be highly beneficial for the E-Tron, which has had quite a successful sale ever since its opening. Though the launch of the vehicle’s got postponed following the arrest of Audi CEO for his alleged involvement in the broader Volkswagen Diesel gate emissions cheating scandal, the real reason behind the delay was because of battery shortages. With the success of E-Tron is it expected Audi shall be bringing forward vehicles with even superior safety features in the future.

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