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Economist worried about the slowing growth of wages.

Economists have called this particular slowdown in the growth of wages disappointing as the government of United States reported the latest figures of jobs even as the rate of unemployment had stayed at the levels of 50-year lows.

The growth in wages in the past one year has seen a slip to 2.9% from a level of 3.1% making this the first time that the rate has gone below 3% after the summer of the year 2018. In the meantime, the economy has been able to add 145,000 jobs in the last month in the year 2019 and rate of jobless stayed at the levels of 3.5%.

The jobs number being healthy and the growth in wages being lackluster is not something that the workers are going to be too happy about. In the present conditions, where the market of labor is becoming tighter, the rate of wages growing at a rate of 2.9% is one more argument that things have changed fundamentally in the current economy. And this change or the changes have been making sure that the wages are lower than what they are going to be at this particular stage in the expansion as per economist Robert Frick.

Other economists are also looking at the number of wage-growth and saying that the number must be picking up at the point which is in the cycle of economics.

These disappointments should not be materially changing the tracking for the fourth quarter GDP which has been at the level which is below the levels 2%, but may add a slight bid to the fixed income of United States in the markets at current levels says another economist.

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