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Entertainment Industry workers to receive benefits

The workers in the entertainment industry in the region of California have been the ones who have lost their jobs due to the outbreak of coronavirus and have been expected to receive the benefits of close to $450 per week from the Employment Development Department of the State

Any person who had lost their job due to the contraction of virus or had been caregiving for anyone who has might receive as much as an amount of $1,300 per week. Many thousands of the workers in the industry have been out of work recently as the productions of Film and TV are shut down all over the state. The losses of jobs are very real however it has been noted by the EDD that there isn’t any evidence that the Coronavirus is transmitting the California at the time.

EDD has said on this website that in case the employer has been reduced the hours or shut the operations down because of coronavirus, they may file the claim of Unemployment Insurance. UI has provided the replacement of benefit payments for the workers who are losing their job or having their hours reduce for no fault of theirs. The workers who had been unemployed temporarily because of the COVID-19 and are expected for returning to work with the employer in some weeks hasn’t been required for actively seeking the work every week. They must still be available for working and ready to work in the unemployment for every week of the benefits meeting all the eligibility criteria.

Gavin Newsom who is the Governor and his executive order as per the EDD is waiving the period of unpaid week therefore they can collect the UI benefits in first week.

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