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Facebook Can Soon Provide Encoded Video And Audio Calls

Facebook might be mulling over extending Secret Conversations’ abilities. As per Jane Manchun Wong, who takes apart apps to see unlaunched features, the social media is experimenting with video and audio calls over Secret Conversations. A snapshot of the experimental ability claims that the calls will be “end-to-end encoded all over your active mobile handsets.”

Facebook in 2016 launched out Secret Conversations, offering you a method to encode Messenger conversations if you need to wrap your words with a coating of privacy. It employs the same encoding method employed by Facebook’s own WhatsApp and the Signal app.

More lately, the social network declared its plans to execute end-to-end encoding all over its products, comprising Instagram—a decision that is frowned upon by authorities, who state they are concerned about not being capable of investigating terrorism, child sexual exploitation, and election meddling that take place on the firm’s platform. Secret Conversations, on the other hand, is a selective feature.

You would have to open the Messenger app on your handset, click on your profile image, head to the Secret Conversations, and then turn it on. Next, nobody other than the recipient and you might be capable of reading your conversation. Moreover, the chat will only be visible on the handset you select, and you can even set a deadline for every message you text.

On a related note, Facebook has rolled out a latest health-based feature a few months after making its function for blood donation more broadly accessible in the US. It is dubbed as Preventive Health, and it was developed to advise you to turn out to be more proactive regarding your health. The firm claims that you can employ the tool on its mobile application to see what type of preventive screenings are suggested for your age and sex—say, a mammogram or cholesterol and blood sugar tests—by the US health agencies it joined hands with.

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