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Google Fiber Is Now Only Offering Its Gigabit Plan To New Customers

Google Fiber, the company that provides high-speed Internet and associated services in the US with the help of fiber optics technology is phasing out its 100Mbps Internet plan. It will only offer the gigabit plan to the new customers. The existing customers would also be transferred to the new gigabit plan.

It was announced by Goggle that the new gigabit plan has been very successful and keeping in mind with the uses in the near future the action was necessary.

The 100Mbps plan costs $50 per month while the new gigabit plan which gives Internet speeds up to 1000Mbps costs $70 per month. According to Google, users are getting access to high-speed internet at a relatively low cost. Another main feature of this plan is that it has no data cap for the users. Google Fiber was launched in 2012.

According to Google, the deal is fairly good for the users who need high-speed access to the Internet and that the new gigabit plan was in line with the modest ambitions of the future of both the company and the users. But recently Google had to pull its connections out of Louisville Kentucky as it faced problems laying the fiber cables beneath the roads in the city.

Google does not have any major changes in the plan apart from high-speed Internet access. It wants the customers to pay a bit more for their membership plans. Google said that the plan was a win-win situation for both. Also, with the growing demand of the Internet each year, this data speed would be required in the near future even though it is not widely used now.

Google Fiber currently has Internet services in 18 metropolitan areas in the US. Google said that it also plans to expand its high-speed Internet connectivity in the US and other parts of the world in the future.

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