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Google Helps You Find Something To Watch With The Help Of Dating App Swipes

Google has an easy fix to those nights when you just do not understand what to see: borrow a hint from dating applications. The Internet behemoth has launched a search function on mobile that triggers a swipe interface when you look for words such as “good shows to watch” or “what to watch” and click a start option in the “Top Picks For You” segment. You can swipe right to display your consent for a series, or left if you did not like it—the more shows you swipe through, the better your suggestion become.

You can specify movie periods, genres, or even particular activities. And when you do get something to see, info cards will show all the services that has the given series. You can tell the ones you employ to make sure that suggestions focus on shows that will not cost additional dime. This will not assure that you will settle on a must-watch new show, but it will at least save you from being besieged with choice.

On a related note, the ability of Google Assistant to manage phone calls might expand further than booking appointments. A media source states Assistant on the forthcoming Pixel 4 will have the choice to take over when you are on hold, bringing back users when a different human receives call. You would only have to click an option to get things done and ignore the hold music. It is unclear if this will also hop the canned “your call is very essential to us” alert, but that is surely the dream. You would not be bumped back into the call till an actual service representative was there to assist.

This may not be accessible the moment the Pixel 4 is launched, though. The on-hold function is comparatively young, as per media source.

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