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Iceye Goes Public With Its SAR Imagery With Under 1 Mtr Resolution

Space firm Iceye will be releasing its SAR satellite images publicly that have up to 1 meter resolution.

Iceye’s CEO Modrzewski stated that this level of resolution from a SAR satellite that was below 100 kg was an impressive tech achievement. He stated that it would help solve Earth observation problems apart from just low-resolution imaging. Iceye, which is based out of Finland, launched its 1st SAR commercial microsat named Iceye-X1 during January 2018. The second one, named Iceye-X2 was launched during December 2018 for providing commercial and government customers with spotless imagery, regardless of cloud and time conditions.

Iceye-X2 terms its high-res product Spotlight. Modrzewski stated that SAR satellites took images of the very same area for long periods during its flight, which ultimately provided more information from various specific points on the Earth. This would finally be transformed into a quality, hi-res image. Thanks to high-res imagery, Iceye’s customers can now distinguish between minute objects and categorize large objects like shipping containers, sea vessels or train cars at ports in an easy manner. The convenience would be much better compared to low-res imagery, stated Modrzewski. Iceye is planning to launch around 5 satellites during 2019. The firm is searching for better ways for improving the performance given by its ground and space systems, stated Modrzewski in his most recent interview.

He also said that using this approach would let them respond to various needs their current customers were having as they define upcoming tech challenges they would be tackling next. He announced that he was proud of his team’s current abilities in solving complex space challenges. He assured that Iceye had a solid reputation for removing obstacles that were once considered to limit small SAR satellite efficiency by introducing new tech. He stated that Iceye still had numerous challenges to beat.

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