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Microsoft still a major player in the markets

Twenty years after it had first gone to the peak of its dominance in the stock market, Microsoft has again claimed the spot of being the indispensable stock of the Wall Street.

That is not because of the size or the performance which it has been able to maintain and become the colossus which it has become. The gain of 70% in Microsoft in the last year has been taking it past the market value which it has of $1.4 trillion as it is going in tight competition with Apple for being the biggest in the nation and is accounting for close to 1/8th of the stock in terms of S&P 500’s rise.

The market capitalization which has been added by Microsoft in the last one year has been $600 billion which is equal to the peak value of the company in the heydays of 1990s.

The primacy as well of ubiquity of Microsoft in terms of their portfolio has been reflecting the way it has exemplified all of the characteristics in the market and has been rewarded in a rich manner. The rich versatility of Microsoft in addition to their virtues which are rare have transformed what had been a slow name when it comes to the core of the holding of market moment.

Software had been the most obvious trend in growth in the market economy. Apart from that the durable flow of cash along with the long lasting shift in behavior has made it an elite in terms of the Wall Street. It has joined the other giants like Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook on the stock markets and looks like it is here to stay.

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