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Nissan files a suit against Carlos Ghosn worth $91 million

On Wednesday, Nissan has filed a lawsuit worth $91 million against the former chairman, Carlos Ghosn in a court in Japan and this adds to a lot of the issues which have been stemming from the arrest of the executive from the month of November 2018 on the allegations of fraud financially.

A new lawsuit is attempting for recovering the damages which Nissan said it has suffered because of the many years of fraudulent activity and misconduct by Carlos Ghosn, a man who had once been credited with saving the automaker from Japan from bankruptcy.

After an investigation which had been carried out internally, Nissan had laid a series of charges out against the executive who was born in Brazil and had led to the arrest of this executive in November of 2018. Ghosn has already spent as many as four months being detained in Tokyo before he was released on bail. He also managed to then escape Japan and he is now in Lebanon where he has the citizenship.

This case has kicked a lot of claims as well as counter claims as Ghosn has filed a $18 million worth damages suit against the company in Netherlands and also another claim in France against Renault over the payments of pension. The lawyers had in the previous month signaled additional action legally which may be filed against the automaker from France.

Renault and Nissan had joined forces a twenty years ago after the bid of Renault to save Nissan which was at that time floundering

Ghosn was in charge as they had formed this alliance which was hailed as one of the best collaborations in the history of automakers. In the year 2016, Nissan had managed to rescue Mitsubishi and then formed the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance.

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