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Nissan’s Lawyers Allege Possible Conflict Of Interest In Internal Probe

The Lawyers who work for Nissan Motor Co have recently raised concerns that the internal investigation of the company into Carlos Ghosn who is the former Chairman of the company is being affected negatively by the conflicts of interests which involve an executive of the firm and the outside law firm of the company.

Ravinder Passi who is the General Counsel has brought the issues of conflict of interest to the notice of the directors of Nissan by providing them with a letter when they had assembled on the 9th of September to review the results of investigation.

These objections which have been raised by Mr. Passi in addition to the others in the company have laid bare the turmoil which has been continuously been going on related to corporate governance in the company for close to a year after the arrest of Mr. Ghosn and then this month when the Hiroto Saikawa who was the Chief Executive resigned.

The General Counsel has said in a letter that these matters according to him will create substantive concerns and in future these issues will have to be faced by the company which will be creating risk and exposure for Nissan.

Nissan on Monday has agreed to settle a dispute with Securities and Exchange Commission by paying a sum of $15 million. The dispute was regarding the failure to report over $140 million as compensation which Mr. Ghosn was required to be paid after his retirement. Mr. Ghosn has agreed to pay $1 million of the settlement money.

Mr. Passi and a other employees of Nissan have highlighted concerns which were centered on Hari Nada who is the senior vice president and Nissan and also supervises the legal department and the law firm Latham and Watkins which had conducted the internal investigations of Nissan into Mr. Ghosn and other’s alleged wrongdoings. .

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