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Oculus Quest Headsets Now Supports Firefox Reality VR Web Browser

Mozilla just branched out the reach of Firefox Reality (its VR browser) to one of its largest clients so far: the Oculus Quest. Users of Facebook’s separate device can watch videos, surf sites, and dive into VR experiences with the help of a browser that both puts VR web activities center and front in a portal and emphasizes privacy. The functionalities will appear same if you have employed Firefox Reality on a different platform, comprising voice search, but that is not essentially a bad thing if you are not pleased with the normal browsing on Quest.

The free tool is originally accessible in 10 languages (comprising Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese). More languages are in development, Mozilla claimed to the media in an interview. This is not essentially a revolution, particularly if you are happy to utilize the normal Oculus Browser. Despite, it is a huge deal for VR browsing and Quest users. You now have an important browser option on one of the trendiest VR devices on the market, and there will not be any annoying wires getting in the way while you catch up on videos or check the news.

On a related note, Mozilla earlier claimed that it is making it simpler to select the best Firefox extensions from a plethora of add-ons you would normally have to deal with. The Firefox for desktop earlier was released with a list of suggested add-ons, which have been selected on the basis of their security, usefulness, and usability. You can find the curated catalog page within the Firefox Add-ons Manager in the Get Add-ons. Mozilla has also included a feature that lets you to flag any bad add-on you encounter squarely using the Add-ons Manager.

Apart from its efforts to make the Firefox extensions ecosystem secure, Mozilla made the dark mode for Firefox Reader View even darker, too.

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