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Several Saudi Govt. Supporters Influencing State Propaganda On Facebook

Last week, Facebook reported that people, either directly or indirectly linked to the Saudi Arabian government, have been promoting state propaganda by running a fake accounts’ network and managing pages on the social media giant.

In a statement, Facebook revealed that it had ceased over 350 fake accounts and remove pages followed by nearly 1.4 million Facebook users. This is the most recent step taken by the social networking service company to combat “organized unauthentic behavior.”

Middle East countries’ natives have increasingly used global information distributing platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, to boost up the political influence secretly.

Reuters threw light on huge support provided by Iranian military last year and based on that Riyadh has been blamed of following the similar strategy to pounce on regional contender Qatar. Moreover, everyone was misdirected by him after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi—a Saudi Arabian columnist.

Saudi Arabia has mentioned several times that it was not involved in Khashoggi’s murder case. Together with associated nations, it pursues a diplomatic and trade ban for Qatar, accusing it of terrorism, which is denied by Qatar.

On a similar note, in 2016, Facebook brought up an online gaming platform, Instant Games, on its chatting-based Messenger app. The gaming platform lets any user play different games with their friends across the world. With the remarkable increase in the craze of this platform, over 20 Billion gaming sessions have already been conducted since its launch.

Initially, the gaming platform was inter-linked with Facebook’s News Feed. Afterward, the platform was moved over to the Messenger app. The collection of games, being introduced on Instant Games, was kept growing. Some of the popular games on this platform are Galaga, Uno, Pacman, Words With Friends, and Space Invaders.

Despite remarkable craze, a few days back the social media giant announced to streamline its overloaded and complicated Messenger app, by wiping out Instant Games feature.

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