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Sometimes Internet Slangs Are Way Advanced Than The Most Neat Text

On social media, there is hardly anyone following proper English and grammar. And with all these slang language usage, a big invitation to the formal writing defenders is on board who strictly follow the language rules and also consider the people not following them as culprit; such people expect each and every human on earth to be perfecto in English language.

For these “tetchy” grammarians, Gretchen McCulloch, the Montreal-based linguist, has some message. In her latest book, Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language, she has challenged the idea of informal writing. As per her book, informal writing will probably set as trend of global stupidity. In fact, she is of the opinion that it is ]an expected and mandatory “interruption” in by the means of which human beings are communicating with each other. McCulloch further added, “People now are of the opinion that writing must not lifeless, which is able to only express the voice tone imprecisely and roughly. News rules are been created for erratum voice tone. Well, not the ones which are forced on, but the ones that are emerging from the practice that billions of social monkeys are following. These rules surely cheer up the social communication.

McCulloch does not waste time on discussing on how exactly these innovations are been utilized to spread hate speech and to introduce partition. However, she has acknowledged the fact how memes were used to make hateful values look attractively sarcastic in the election campaign of 2016. As far as her profession is considered, McCulloch has more interest in the way informal writing is use in a positive way and the popularization that comes from it. She further writes, “What attracts me are the language parts that we aren’t aware how we good we are at them, the patterns emerging instinctively, when actually we are not even thinking of them.”

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