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T-Mobile Sued By New York City—Latest Report

T-Mobile Sued By New York City—Latest Report

T-Mobile is being sued by the New York City for its alleged violation of the consumer protection laws prevalent in the city. The lawsuit is stemming primarily form T-Mobile’s Metro which is a wireless program at a low cost that is operated by the mobile carrier giant. According to New York City, T –Mobile has allegedly overcharged the customers and sometimes signed them up for the high priced financing plans without obtaining consent from their customers and had sold old used phones by calling them brand new.

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection of New York City has claimed to possess documents of over 2200 violations T-Mobile committed at their 56 Metro stores which were located all through the five boroughs of the New York City. These violations included the cases where the mobile carrier has allegedly included a lot of money in the additional costs of the advertising prices for a device and got the customers to sign the leasing contracts online without making them aware of such additional charges. In a minimum of 21 instances known to New York City the locations had also been selling previously used phones as a brand new device.

T-Mobile’s spokesperson has said that the alleged charges are completely against the integrity of the company’s team and the commitment they have had to take care of the customers on a daily basis. They claimed to have taken the allegations seriously.

T-Mobile has been finding itself in a lot of legal battles off late. It was previously fined by the Federal Communications commission for its failure to address the ongoing call failures which plague the rural subscribers and also by National Advertising Division in the year 2013 for engaging in false advertisement practices.

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