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Trump Likely To Be Removed, Won’t Affect The Markets Though Says Scaramucci

Skybridge Capital founder and former WH communications director Anthony Scaramucci stated that President Trump would, no doubt, be impeached due to his unlawful activities. He stated that it was clear beyond doubt that Trump had committed an illegal criminal act, abusing his power as the US President. Just looking at the conversation’s transcript is enough to understand this fact, he said.

Scaramucci stated that Republicans could no longer defend Trump as the transcript of the President’s phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky has proven beyond doubt that he had committed a crime. He was confident that the Republican Party would come together to impeach him as they were slowly realizing how damaging Trump’s illegal activities were.

Scaramucci predicted that even more gas lighting measures would be forthcoming from politicians in the Republic Party down the road. He stated that a few lawmakers would even go as far as to claim that Trump had broken no laws at all in his phone call with the Ukrainian President, back in July. It is alleged that Trump had demanded that Ukrainian authorities investigate the son of Joe Biden, who is the leading Democratic Presidential contender, for corruption. However, there isn’t any evidence that Biden’s son was involved in wrongdoing.

Scaramucci stated that the general public would revolt against Trump with leading lawmakers finally making a stand to impeach Trump.

However, he also stated that financial markets wouldn’t be affected in the least, even if Trump were to be impeached.

He stated that the US Dow Index had increased by 150 pts on Wednesday, one day after Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, announced that the US Congress would be commencing impeachment proceedings against the President. The market hasn’t reacted in any meaningful manner to this news or any news in the last few years, a sharp contradiction to the rally that had taken place before tax cuts were passed by the government.

Scaramucci had been the President’s communications director for over 11 days before being fired in Jul 2017.

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