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Twitter Temporarily Suspended Pro-Trump Meme Maker Carpe Donktum

This week, Twitter caused a chaos when it banned Carpe Donktum, the prolific pro-Trump meme generator. People were swift to rumor that Carpe Donktum was banned for his alleged association to the violent clip shown at Miami resort of Trump earlier. But after the restoration of his account, Donktum shared a clip claiming that he was banned over a claim of copyright infringement.

In a statement offered to the media, a spokesperson at Twitter claimed: “According to our copyright rule, we answer to valid copyright grievances sent by authorized representatives or a copyright owner to us.”

Carpe Donktum earlier defined himself as a “sarcastic eternally memesmith specializing in the making of memes to support Trump.” The President has shared some of the creations by Carpe Donktum on his own account on Twitter, comprising a video that made Democrats appear distracted at the time of State of the Union address this year.

Deep fakes and doctored videos are anticipated to cause a huge challenge in the election next year, so the web is on high alert. But in this instance, the ban was over a more common and simple copyright argument.

On a related note, Twitter earlier upgraded its policy on financial scandals. Users are not allowed to trick others into sending personal financial data or money. If you are thinking, it is about time, you are not alone. Earlier, Twitter managed cases of fraud using its spam reporting feature. But this alterations detail precisely what is banned and might make it simple for consumers to report fraud.

As per Twitter, consumers might not pretend to be a public figure or manage a fake account or pretend to be an agency. Money-flipping scams in which consumers ask for a small amount of cash for a larger sum in return are banned, and such phishing scams will count as a breach.

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