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Uncertainty leads to surge of oil prices on Friday

The oil prices had seen a surge on Friday in the world as the investors globally had been gripped with uncertainty at the repercussions which can potentially take place after the top general of Iran had been killed by the United States. The benchmark internationally for crude oil had seen a jump of over 4% in the London Trading.

With the news of Qassem Soleimani who was the head of the elite Quds Force of Iran being killed in a strike at the airport in Baghdad had prompted that the expectations of the retaliation of Iran against the United States as well as Israel Targets. Crude oil had seen a jump of $2.70 till $68.95 per barrel.

In the last few times when the tensions had flared up with United States, Iran has given a threat that the supply of oil which travels through the Iranian Gulf to the other parts of the world. Close to 20% of the oil traded across the world goes into the Strait of Hormuz where the shipping lane had been just 3 kilometers wide and the tankers had been under the attack in this year.

The analysts have said to the investors that the revenge is going to be imminent and it may not happen right now but it is going to come and till that time there is a need for increasing the geopolitical premium of risks.

The higher prices of oil have represented an oil consumers tax and is going to spark the concerns of the economic growth as per the noting of Ian Shepherdson who is an expert economist in research note. Every increase of $5 increase in the prices has represented a spending of increase in $183 billion in a year.

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