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US Govt. Will Spend $3mn To Study Pain Relieving Effects Of Marijuana

As per the latest news, the government of US is willing to spend near about $3 million to find effects of marijuana on pain. Contrary to this, no study will be conducted on the plant’s part which intoxicates people. The research sector got 9 grants on Thursday all of which focus on CBD, which is the ingredient used in foods, cosmetics and several other chemicals.

Still the feds consider marijuana as an illegal drug. In contrast, there are several states in the US which allow the use of drug for several medical ailments, even without proper evidence. Most of the people take marijuana to cope up with chronic pain. It is still unclear about marijuana’s parts which are helpful or if it is possible to curb the intoxication related to THC.

During a recent press event, Dr. David Shurtleff said that scientific knowledge is lagging when public usage is considered and it is necessary to work fast to regulate the gap. He also stated that there has been an extensive investigation with regard to THC and it is considered improper for curing pain since it is addictive in nature.

One of the federal agencies duly supported research on marijuana but potential harms are in more focus. Shurtleff said that one call of 2017 was answered by the grant, which stated that the health of general public is at a risk since proper marijuana research hasn’t took place.

There is another driver which is the crisis of opioid addiction which has roots in prescription painkillers’ abuse. This crisis sparked another scientific interest with regard to pain-easing properties of marijuana. As per Dr. Judith Hellman, it is important for scientists to find better understanding related to pain and several ways to find proper cure for it. She also added that it is exciting that she can do anything about it.

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