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US is a leader for space exploration, says Mike Spence

Once again, the global space exploration program is being led by the United States of America. However, it remains open towards like-minded countries who want to explore the space and enhance humanity’s global footprint. This statement was made by Mike Pence, the nation’s Vice President during an international public speech.

Pence also briefly touched upon the fact that NASA wants to get astronauts back on the moon before 2024. He also spoke about the contribution of the Trump government towards improving space exploration programs. Pence said that the space programs were languished for generations globally. The bad phase seems to be over because of the current American Space vision and vigor.

In early 2019, Trump’s administration and Pence had jointly instructed NASA to land the first-ever woman as well as another man on the surface of the moon, by employing all possible measures. The deadline for accomplishing this feat was set at 2024. NASA has named this project Artemis. According to Greek mythology, Artemis is the name of Apollo’s twin sister. This year marks the 50th anniversary of NASA’s renowned moon landing of Apollo 11 back in in 1969. The mission saw astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the moon’s surface. During the course of the mission, Michael Collins was the crewmate who stayed in the orbit.

The crew of Apollo 11 was honored with the Award of World Space from the International Astronautical Federation. Pence praised Aldrin as well as the son of Armstrong Mark and the grandson of Collins in his remarks. Pence said that Apollo has already earned its place in history and has set the platform for Artemis. He confirmed that they are on track of making the NASA’s mission of reaching Mars from the moon a reality. The agency is seeking assistance from U.S. companies such as Boeing and SpaceX for flying astronauts into the space. In addition, it will work with Japan, Australia and Canada for the moon mission.

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