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Cannabis induced psychosis making people worried about the legalization of pot

One morning during the early hours of a day in March, a man named Madison McIntosh decided to go to his work on a day which was scheduled to be an off for him at Scottsdale in Arizona which is a driving range and a restaurant where he used to work. The man who was 24 years of age sat in a car and until this place had opened he still stayed there and then he had wandered throughout the day alternating between speaking in gibberish and talking of suicide as his co-workers tried their best to keep him away from the customers.

It was discovered that the man was spending his day vaping in a potent form of the high inducing ingredient in marijuana which is THC and had been staying up throughout the night. The man was now swinging wildly between euphoria and depression.

The family had rushed him to the hospital where a psychiatrist made a diagnosis and diagnosed him with a disorder that is related to the use of cannabis and an unspecified psychotic disorder.

The psychiatrist expects that the diagnosis is going to be made official soon. If he is able to stay off the substance for a year and also remain free of the symptoms, the psychiatrist says that they can deduce that he was suffering from a psychosis which is cannabis induced.

McIntosh’s family is shocked as they had never heard of this disorder. He was critical of the legalization of the cannabis without thought being given to the risks it can have and consequences it can lead to.

The incident has certainly alarmed the authorities as well to take notice as this can develop into a complete case of schizophrenia.

Jessica Branson
Content Editor At Pharma Industry Reports

Jessica holds a degree in Astrophysics and has always been a true fanatic of the outer world, space, universe, and mysteries that lie within it. Taking this enthusiasm and dedication into consideration, Jessica seemed to be the apt choice to be given the responsibility of the Science domain. She has been working with this organization for 2 years now. Earlier, she worked as a Content Writer and Editor in Medical Device News organization. Jessica writes news articles, blogs, and reports pertaining to the Science domain that encompasses new findings & discoveries, alien life, new satellite & spacecraft liftoffs, space competitions, inventions & innovations, galaxies & outer space, planets & exoplanets, and much more.

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