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Formula E Will Be Promoted To World Championship Status For 2020

As much as Formula E has developed, it still is considered as the next of kin to Formula 1. It is about to get more authority moving forward, although. The FIA is offering status of World Championship to the electric racing contest beginning with the 2020–2021 season, making it the sole single-seat FIA contest apart from Formula 1 to get that difference. It will now be recognized as the (extensively-worded) ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, and the individuals who wins will be considered a world champion. There is no citation of Formula E receiving practical advantages from the title, but it does display that the race series is essential in the eyes of FIA—it is not just a sideshow alongside the primary event.

There are a few factors that might have manipulated the decision. Formula E has been slowly developing an audience, and it has been luring high-profile makes such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. And there is no doubt that this polishes the FIA’s status. The governing body for motorsports can highlight Formula E as its eco-friendly contest when environmental columnists come asking. While it is doubtful that Formula E will shadow F1 in popularity in the coming future, it may carry on gaining support as long as the requirement is there and it furthers the goals by FIA.

On a related note, Formula 1 is recognized for horsepower, noise, and burning fuel, but the racing contest needs to include an unexpected, new description: eco-friendly. Formula 1 aims to have a “net-zero CO2 footprint by the end of 2030,” comprising the on-track activities, cars, and processes, the FIA ownership body declared. The FIA claimed that Formula 1 innovations such as energy recovery, composite materials, and safety systems have been used in other industries as well as road cars.

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