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Intel’s Newest Acquirement Is A $2 Billion Push Into AI

Intel just invested almost $2 Billion to purchase Habana Labs (the Israel-located AI firm). The association will “turbo-charge” the AI offerings by Intel for data centers, Intel claimed to the media in an interview.

Habana Labs makes deep learning programmable accelerators. Its Gaudi AI Training Processor, for example, is anticipated to offer almost 4 times the throughput of systems developed with the same number of GPUs. For web-based and mobile apps that employ Intel’s AI data center services, the acquirement will, preferably, result in more accurate and faster AI for features such as speech and photo recognition.

Intel expects to employ its AI abilities to do things such as create wheelchairs that can be managed with facial expressions and reconnect injured spinal nerves in paralyzed people. It has tested neuromorphic processors, or AI processors that imitates the human brain, and it claims its ultra-efficient AI processors can power everything from self-driving cars to prosthetics.

AI has turned out to be a more and more essential fraction of Intel’s business. Last year, the firm hopes to create more than $3.5 Billion in AI-based income—that is over a 20% increase as compared to previous year. And just previous month, Intel revealed its first processors developed for AI in the cloud, along with its next-gen computer vision processor. The Habana acquirement can offer those processors a boost too.

On a related note, Intel earlier finished its sale of the “bulk” of the handset modem business of the firm to Apple. The contract (that was announced in July) is worth $1 Billion, although Intel says it is still taking a “loss of multi billion dollars,” as per media. By controlling modem tech of Intel, Apple will be capable of sourcing more parts for its connected devices in-house in place of going to merchants such as Qualcomm.

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