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Cannabis used by a lot more people who are depressed

Cannabis has been becoming more and more popular through the United States in the years that have recently passed by however the new research in this month has showed that one group has been particularly attracted towards cannabis and that is the people who live with depression and the jury is still out on whether that is a favorable circumstance.

The study which says so has looked over a decade of the data from the agencies of the government and has involved over 700,000 volunteers.

From the year 2005 till the year 2017, the percentage of people in total of those who had admitted to the use of cannabis has increased in a study manner as per the study. However the climb was significantly more in the people who had been found to have clinical depression.

While close to 9% of the people who did not have depression had reported to any sort of use of weed in the period of 30 days before being asked, the same had been true for 19% of the people who had been living with depression. 7% of the people who were depressed had also admitted to using cannabis every day in comparison to 3 % who did not have depression.

Studies such as this are not successful in determining the exact causes of why the people who are depressed have more likelihood of using cannabis but the substance has definitely been earning the reputation of being something that mellows people down. Among the key reasons for the popularity of cannabis as per the author has been that people believe that cannabis does not cause any harm to the humans which is also a trend that is more in the depressed people.

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