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Coronavirus: Beijing orders 14 day quarantine for the returnees

According to the latest reports from China the Beijing government has asked the residents who are returning to the city to go into 14 day quarantine or else they would be punished. These are the latest means of resort to control the coronavirus which had taken lives of many people in China.

The Chinese citizens returning to the country have been asked to undergo self quarantine or go to the quarantine zones.

It seems as if the coronavirus is on the verge of becoming a global epidemic because the cases have been reported from as far as the Europe continent in Germany. Egypt has reported the first case of coronavirus recently.

The virus which originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan has so far made 1,500 casualties so far. The residents of Beijing are now returning back to the city after celebrating the Lunar New Year from other parts of China. More than 20 people live in the Chinese capital.

This year the holidays were extended as a means to stop the outbreak. The National Health Commission in China reported 143 new death cases bringing the total death tally to 1523. The number of fresh cases found was 2641 bringing the total number of people infected with coronavirus so far to 66492.

Globally there have been more than 500 cases reported in 24 different countries. Out of them there have been three death cases reported from the Hong Kong, Philippines and Japan.

A group of experts from the WHO will head for China to find out how the virus named as Covid-19 is spreading. The mission will also take a close look on how and when these cases were reported meaning to find out the possible cause behind the virus being infected.

The team includes 24 members 12 each from international and Chinese counterparts.

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