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Growing Awareness About Hand Hygiene Amid Covid-19 Pandemic To Boost Global Hand Sanitizer Market Growth

Hand sanitizer is a germ-killing disinfectant obtainable in the form of a foam, gel, liquid, and others. Hand sanitizers are deemed to be more efficient compared to soaps owing to its capability to kill the majority of the microorganisms. The increasing public awareness drives by global health regulatory bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO) play a critical part in endorsing the usage of hand sanitizers. In addition, the convenience and portability offered by hand sanitizers in comparison to hand washes are attracting a considerable customer base, in turn, boosting the sales of hand sanitizers. The changing inclination of customers to convenient hygiene products is projected to fuel the growth of the global hand sanitizer market.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated the expansion of the global hand sanitizer market. The need for hand hygiene products have been surpassing the supply in brick & mortar as well as online sale channels across the globe on account of the global outburst of the coronavirus in a short period. The pandemic has strengthened the implication of regular cleaning practices and hand sanitizing among customers. Apart from this, the enhancing standards of living, the increasing health expenditure, backing from organization like FDA, WHO, and others about the requirement for sanitation, and the rising alertness regarding hand hygiene are the other major factors contributing to the growth of the global hand sanitizer market.

To cope with the current situation, the key players in the global hand sanitizer market are implementation numerous strategies, like media coverage and promotional campaigns. This will also help them strengthen their market presence. To cite, in April 2020, GlanHealth, a wide-ranging product line of hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants has been introduced by Dalrada Health Products. The new site,, displays a range of non-alcohol based products spanning from gels, foams, sprays, liquids, and wipes for daily use that offers efficient and lasting protection in incessantly decreasing micro-organisms.

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