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Nurses Stage A One-Day Strike Against The Tenet Health Hospitals

On Friday, the Nurses who were registered had staged a day’s strike against the Tenet Health hospitals which are situated in California, Arizona and Florida. They have been demanding better conditions for working and wages that are higher as the labor movement in the nation has been flexing its muscles which have been weakening for decades by the decline in memberships amidst attacks from governments and businesses.

Close to 6500, members of the National Nurses United staged a walk out at 12 of the Tenet facilities which include the Florida Medical Center. After having worked towards a first contract for one year in Arizona and in Florida and California under the contracts that have expired, they had to go on that strike. In Texas, the members resorted to passing out leaflets where the contracts at two of the hospitals in El Paso will be expiring later in the year. Those who had gone on a strike said that they will resume their work on Saturday.

This walkout is among the many strikes and other efforts which are happening in the United States as the unions work towards rebuilding from a steep decline in membership which has been happening from the last 50 years.

There are many who are trying to go beyond the strikes that are happening in the blue-collar jobs in the manufacturing where the United Auto Workers have been on strike against the automaker GM. This strike is trying to get to white-collar, service sectors which are female-dominated like health care, media and teaching.

A Gallup poll recently has showed that the Americans have supported the unions by 2:1, which is a rise from a near split a decade ago and till nearly at the highest level since the 1960s.

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