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Research suggests use of marijuana can cause cardiovascular disease

With more and more states legalizing marijuana for both the recreational and medicinal use in the nation, the cardiologist must make it a point to advise their patients about the risks that potentially exists due to marijuana specifically with regard to the cardiovascular medications that are commonly prescribed, says a research which had been conducted lately.

There is an estimation by the author that over 2 million patients of the cardiovascular disease have been using the substance currently or had been using it previously. This is with the inclusion of the recreational use of the marijuana and the uses which have been medically approved like the HIV related weight loss, vomiting, nausea and seizure disorder.

A few of the studies which had been conducted have made a suggestion of the association between a range of the risks related to cardiovascular diseases and marijuana as per the lead author of the study. They have said that they also know that the substance has been becoming potent increasingly. Their review has suggested that the smoking of marijuana carries a lot of the same health hazards related to the heart as the smoking of tobacco. So they feel that there is a need for the exercising of caution when it comes to the use of marijuana for the patients who are at a higher risk and those who have ever been facing any disease related to the heart.

A few of the medications including the ones which have blood thinners and statins, may be affected by the use of marijuana as per this review. The statin levels see an increase when it is used together with the substance as both of them are metabolized through common enzymes.

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