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Rising Need for Personal Health Safety Expected To Fuel the Global Personal Protective Equipment Market Growth

Personal protective equipment is a tool for safety that safeguards the user against harm at place of work. It comprises a range of products well-known to protect diverse body parts of a human that are exposed to severe injuries at place of work. Companies are vigorously looking for PPE tools for their staffs as it assists them to save additional expenditures on medical expenses, workers compensation, and lost production time. Employees can stand injuries from exposure to chemical, electrical, mechanical, radiological, physical, or other workplace dangers. The personal protective equipment decreases the effect of these threats by presenting a barricade between the work setting and user.

Lately, the need for personal protective equipment such as face shields, protective gowns, protective goggles, disposable gloves, and surgical masks, has elevated drastically owing to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak all across the world. As the count of new coronavirus disease cases carry on to increase, so will the product demand. This, in turn, will boost the growth of the global personal protective equipment during the coming period. However, strong focus of governments on stocking up personal protective equipment and around a hundredfold rise in demand are the early cautionary symbols of product scarcity that might be on the horizon.

In addition, the rising requirement for respiratory equipment within emergency response, mining, healthcare, fire services, and military & law enforcement, together with the increasing cases of hand injuries at the workstation, is projected to drive the growth of the global personal protective equipment market during the forecast period. Moreover, the technological developments and the altering customer requirements for personal protective equipment are further expected to drive the market growth.

To cite, in an attempt to help in the battle against Coronavirus outbreak, Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC) has embarked on the manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE). At preent, the company is manufacturing 2000–2500 equipment everyday but anticipate making that 10,000 to 20,000 in upcoming days.

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