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The fat found in overweight people’s lungs

Recent studies have found out that the lungs of overweight and obese people contain fat tissues. Researchers in Austalia had been studying the data collected from lung samples of 52 people. They have found out that the content of these fat tissues increases in line with the body mass index.

It means that overweight and obese people have a greater risk of suffering from respiratory diseases and could also suffer from asthma attacks. Experts and doctors say that the effect of weight loss on these fat tissues would be interesting to know and that it is still unclear how it would affect our body.

The scientists had studied the post mortem samples of the lung which had been donated for research. Out of these 52 samples 15 persons had no problems attacks, 21 had asthma problems but dies of other causes and 16 persons had died because of asthma-related problems.

These fat tissues also known as adipose tissues were present in the walls of the lungs of the people with higher body mass index. It appears that the presence of these adipose tissues inside the lungs causes inflammation in the lungs and changes the structure of the airways which explains why people had died of asthma attacks and that all overweight people bear the same risk.

Researchers had explained that the presence of these fat tissues inside the walls of the lungs increases the weight of the lungs and thus the pressure on its walls increase which causes inflammation. These fat tissues accumulate inside the lung walls due to being overweight or obese.

It limits the air intake capacity of the lungs as space is reduced because of the fat tissues which could cause breathing problems and thus the chances of an asthma attack increases. This means that overweight people should do more physical activity and exercise to keep their respiratory organs healthy.

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