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2020s to be the era of autonomous and electric vehicles.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk had made a promise that one of the company’s vehicles is going to drive itself to New York from Los Angeles by the time the year 2017 ends in what he had then called as full autonomy.

The trip that had got international attention had been announced with Tesla disclosing that their vehicles are going to be equipped with the hardware of self-drive which is going to be safer than something that is driven by humans. The company earlier had spent one year in testing of this hardware.

However this trip did not ever materialize and over three years later the vehicles with the driver-assist Autopilot system still needs the monitoring of the driver. This system has further been criticized for the allowance of driver misuse and the fatal crashes which it’s been involved with.

In the last 10 years, there is less optimism form the automakers and many other companies like Lyft and Uber over the emergence of technologies in the transportation world and specifically when it comes to Tesla, the goals which have not been met. However after the hype in all these years, the tech companies and the automakers in this space are looking at delivering the electric and autonomous vehicles in the next decade.

The companies are looking at both of these segments as opportunities for earning a lot of money as they seem like multitrillion dollar businesses. They also feel that the technology is going to create a way of transportation that is safer and friendlier when it comes to the environment. This has also led to the announcement of such vehicles by General Motors and also Tesla.

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