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Animal Crossing Subscription Plans By Nintendo Starts From $8

Previously this week, Nintendo verified it might be including 2 levels of paid subscription to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, its free-to-play game. The firm has since declared extra data about the perks and costs of every level.

The Cookie and Depot Plan, the costly subscription level, has a price tag of monthly $7.99 for 5 fortune cookies. Fortune cookies are fundamentally loot boxes, and unlocking one rewards the user with a random product such as clothing or furniture. Users can select cookies that have since left the title, and they will receive more space to save products.

Happy Helper plan is the other level and has a price tag of monthly $2.99 and lets users to assign a villager as their campsite assistant. When users are signed out, their assistant will gather products for them and help them with errands. They will also get 60 additional Leaf Tickets (the in-game money) each month.

This is not the first foray by Nintendo into subscriptions for mobile game. Mario Kart Tour is also a free-to-play title with paid plans along with one-off purchases.

With Animal Crossing targeted majorly at kids, though, it encounters criticism for its marketing of gambling-akin loot boxes. A report from the Gambling Commission of the UK this year discovered that 44% of surveyed teens aged 11–16 had shelled out money to unlock loot boxes. The commission earlier alerted that “the line between gambling and video gaming is turning out to be more and more blurred,” hiking the danger of problem gambling patterns amongst kids.

On a related note, the newest pair of titles in Pokémon series of Nintendo, Sword & Shield, launched this past weekend for the Switch, and as expected, the titles are already booming in terms of sales. This week, Nintendo declared that the firm has traded over 6 Million units between the two editions of the game all over the world.

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