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Epic Games Store Renovation Assists You Find Trending Games

The Epic Games Store still has tons of work pending if it is going to level up with expectations from some players, but there are hints of development. Epic has rolled out a renovated storefront that allows you see filter launches by genre, what games are in trend, and otherwise track down the game you are searching for. It might also load quicker due to local caching, so it will not be quite as hostile as it has been earlier.

The renovation also gives a way to make purchases inside games at Epic Games Store (such as for virtual currency packs and add-ons), Thai language support, and more firm 3D Secure authentication for buyouts in Europe (to level up with local rules).

If you were expecting for bigger upgrades, you will just have to hang on. Epic is still designing functions such as critic reviews, wish lists, and a renovated library grid view. The firm has not much to alter the minds of longtime fans of Steam who take its years of development of feature for granted, but this might make the experience more enjoyable when you are opening Fortnite or yet one more exclusive game on Epic.

On a related note, the update that included a photomode to moody shooter Control by Remedy also included some new errors for PC users who brought it from the Epic Games Store. Even though the team claims that alterations made were aimed to validate “future extensions,” their actual affect forced players to remain online and eliminated Steam controller support.

Overnight the firm has launched one more upgrade solving the problem, which it claims is not the fault of Epic, letting users to both take pleasure of the new camera function and get ready for DLC that will launch in December.

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