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Faux Leather Is The ‘In Thing’ For Vegans And Vegetarians

Various retailers including Zara, New Look and Mark & Spencer have started to sell accessories as well as clothes which aren’t made up of cow skin or any animal product. This includes vegan fur coats, vegan belts which are made up of plastic and jute and shoes which are made using natural rubber, coconut fiber and tree bark.

Since most of the British have started to cut on meat consumption, several marketers revealed that the trend has taken its course towards their closet. During one of the analysis, markets found that people give more priority to animal welfare before they buy clothes.

One of the marketing agencies predicted that the present year might witness a rise in vegan shoe collection. While conversing with the press, Patsy Perry stated that vegan has turned the latest trend among the shoppers. Perry also stated that the present trend is better in comparison to synthetic leather as it provides extra distinction.

Perry said that the term vegan gives an assurance that every other material used in the manufacturing of the product including glue and finishing chemicals are also be free from animal product. Stella McCartney has started to use fungi as a substitute to leather and use yeast protein instead of silk to manufacture designer wear. Dr. Martens have gained a rise of 300% due to sale of vegan stompers since last year. For the manufacture of vegan products, DM polyurethane and polyester fabric are used.

As per reports, products which are registered as vegan have seen a remarkable rise in comparison to last year. In 2018, there were 119 products registered as vegan which have grown to 1956 till date. During an exclusive press talk, Dominika Piasecka said that on a daily basis new vegan products are registered, few of them are from renowned fashion brand.

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