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Google’s Hardware Department Recovering From Slow Sales Of Pixel 3

Just more than a year back, Alphabet (the Google parent company) was banged with a $5 Billion penalty from the EU (European Union) for antitrust breaches. As you may have anticipated, that put a dent in the firm’s earnings. But in 2019, there is no such problem to be concerned about and Alphabet’s financials show that.

In this week’s release of quarterly earnings, the firm is clocking income of $38.9 Billion, up 19% as compared to the last year. And profits reached $9.9 Billion, up 201% as compared to the last year. Even if you see at Google’s accounting where 2018 penalty is debarred, profits are up 13%. Naturally, Alphabet’s press release does not detail a whole lot about the more motivating parts of its business.

A few other pieces worth observing: Google’s “other” incomes, which comprises user-facing goods such as the Play Store and its developing hardware department increased considerably this quarter. Income was up 40% to $6.2 Billion. We hope Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) to break down the strengths of that team on the call, and it will be worth watching how the firm clarifies that development.

On a related note, video games and kids—instead of makeup tutorials and politics—are the most powerful boosters of traffic on YouTube. The media launched a study this week that studied more than 40,000 high-user channels for one week. What they discovered showed a picture of a YouTube consumer base that is younger, fluent in a language that is not English, and more attracted to Fortnite versus Donald Trump.

The research made it obvious that YouTube is barely a phenomenon limited to the US. All together, the high-user channels (those with minimum 250,000 users) studied by media showed a total of a 0.25 Million clips in January’s first week for this year. Of those videos, just 17% were completely in English.

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