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Planned 5G Auction In Brazil Is World’s Biggest Yet: Nokia

Nokia, a telecom equipment firm from Finland, wants Brazil to take the responsibility of hosting the next year’s single auction for fifth-generation (5G) spectrum, reported Reuters citing a senior executive. Reportedly, this is said to be the biggest-ever auction in the world. Earlier, Nokia and Antel—telecom regulator from Brazil—partnered for the foremost 5G network deployment in Latin America. Now, the telecom equipment firm is focusing on Brazil, which is said to be its largest market in the area.

In an interview this week, Wilson Cardoso, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia, Latin America, stated that the firm notes the political willpower for completing the large spectrum auction in the 2020 first quarter. He added that next year a 5G smartphone will be the big Christmas present in Brazil.

In May, Antel revealed the allocation of both 3.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz frequencies to 5G. At present, it is busy determining the auction rules. The agency added that the addition of other bands such as 26 GHz and 700 MHz might be done to the same auction, which is planned in March 2020. Reportedly, these bands support low-latency and ultra-reliable communications, which are needed for industrial use. Cardoso proclaimed that it will be the biggest spectrum auction for 5G in the world if the auction of all the four bands is carried out together.

On a similar note, Nokia Mobile released the July 2019 updates for the Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 2. Reportedly, the firm delayed this update for about a few days. The update with approximately 1.3GB size is offered by the firm for both the devices. In July update, the official changelog for the Nokia 2 highlights only the security update. However, for Nokia 3.2, there is addition of a novel Pie build. At present, the changes in the latest update for Nokia 2 are unclear. However, certainly, it will include more than just a security update.

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