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Tata to reveal Nexon EV on the 17th of December

A confirmation has come from the end of Tata Motors that the electric vehicle from their house is going to have a premier for the world in the city of Mumbai on the 17th of December 2019, The car is going to be known as the Nexon EV and there were rumors earlier that the unveiling is going to happen on 16th of December however the company has rescheduled and planned to unveil the SUV on the 17th of December as there are more events that are slated for the January of 2020.

The company had previously dropped a lot of teasers as it shared the details of the Nexon EV for a lot of time now. There were videos and a lot of images of the car showcasing that It could drive through all the rough terrains in the country. There were a lot of teasers which also showed the Nexon before the facelift and there are rumors that the one which hits the showrooms is going to be a version of Nexon that is face lifted. The new Nexon has been seen during its test runs on the roads of India.

The new Nexon after facelift is going to have a new design for its bumper and bonnet in addition to the clusters of fog lamp that are re-profiled. The revisions in addition to the aesthetics are going to make sure that this SUV is complying with the protection norms for pedestrians which are coming in effect post the October of 2020.

The vehicle is going to be available in the showrooms of Tata at a point between the months of January to March and is going to feature the Ziptron EV which is a technology of the brand.

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